Christopher Spiewak
Boulder, Colorado


Technology & Software

Spiewak Consulting was originally founded as “Spiewak Technology Consulting” to provide design focused software services (CAD / BIM / 3D) training and project support for Architects. That original purpose is still at the heart of our consulting work today, in addition to offering extensive technical support, network admin, custom database development, and more.

Architecture Software

We provide 3d modeling, rendering, visualization, VR, digital design services, software training and support for Architects (Builders, Developers, Realtors, etc) with Archicad at the core of our Architectural work.

We have worked closely with Revit, Sketchup, Autocad and numerous design, imaging and production applications but Archicad’s superior object based modeling (BIM), project workflow, teamwork integration and cross platform compatibility has long been preferred by our team and the leading Architects and Clients we support.

When you need design driven, technology leading experience on your team, there are few with the breadth of tech knowledge and architectural passion that Christopher Spiewak will deliver. To line up support for your next (or current) project, call or message us today.

Database Development

We overhaul redundant systems, inefficient workflows and cumbersome software for businesses that want to streamline their processes, enhance their results and amplify their profits!

With the use of the FileMaker Platform we develop custom database systems (custom apps) to simplify and empower countless company processes. From project management, team coordination, client communication, proposal generation, performance tracking, financial reporting, asset management, data access and more.

When you’re ready to 10x your business, hire Spiewak Consulting to transform the underlying hardware and software driving your performance.

Website Development

We offer WordPress Website Development (and management) with an integral Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that rapidly generates new business with leading search engine results.

There’s nothing more important than quality content to drive new business to your site, but when you want to maximize the value of that content you need to fully optimize the underlying code and technical structure.

Our WordPress sites are SEO optimized for every page, post, header and permalink. We pay close attention to page speed, plugin utilization, internal (and external) linking, site categories, post tags, keywords, file names, metadata, sitemaps, XML, HTML, CSS and more.

When you need a fast, effective, results driven, mobile first, modern website, call Spiewak Consulting for a solution that optimizes your objectives!

Technical Support

We provide technical support, troubleshooting, system admin and preventive maintenance for Mac & PC hardware, software, servers, networks, routers, firewalls, VPNs, VOiP and more.

We manage in-house and cloud hosted services, assist in network security, virus removal, data backup and recovery, and provide routine set up, installation and admin for most servers, desktops, laptops, printers, peripherals and mobile devices.

Our team is versed in multiple platforms, frameworks, apps and code languages, including generations of Windows, but our strength, preference and recommendation (for most businesses) has long been with the MacOS / iOS environments.

When you need quick answers or long term solutions to any of your technology concerns, call on the experience at Spiewak Consulting, 303-304-0146.

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